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The Direct Lending landscape continues to rapidly change. At Belvedere Direct Lending Advisors, we provide institutional clients with a focused perspective on that changing landscape. We recognize that each client has unique needs. Manager selection is crucial, given differing styles, sourcing capabilities, and underwriting skills. There are currently over 200 investment managers involved in U.S. Direct Lending – each of them confident they are the right manager for your assets. At Belvedere, we are category specialists, not your traditional broad-based consultant. Our only focus is one segment of private debt, U.S. Direct Lending. Our experience has taught us that the key to long term success starts with a focus on investment manager leadership, firm and team cultures, ethics, and risk oversight. With over 23 years of leveraged finance experience, we offer a rare, insider’s view. We invite you to partner with us for your Direct Lending investment program and allow us to act as your advocate for capturing the benefits of this dynamic asset class.

What We Offer

We offer full life-cycle Direct Lending investment program management – from pre-search third party manager due diligence to successful program completion and return of capital.

Hire an insider. We have extensive leveraged finance history having led an investment team for a global asset manager.
Changes are coming to the Direct Lending landscape, and we have the playbook given changes already occurred in other segments of leveraged finance.
At Belvedere, we can manage and operate your Direct Lending investment program more efficiently and at a lower cost to you than building an in-house investment staff. Put our focused perspective on Direct Lending to work for your institution today.
High Value-Added Direct Lending Advisory for Institutional Investors


Scott Roberts, CFA
Senior Managing Partner

Scott Roberts, CFA
Scott leads Belvedere and the investment consulting services we provide our clients. Scott is the former Head of High Yield and Senior Portfolio Manager for Invesco. During Scott’s successful 21-year career at Invesco, Scott helped build the High Yield team and implement its investment and client engagement strategies. Scott skillfully guided the team in underwriting over $30 billion of leveraged finance transactions during multiple business cycles. Scott earned a BBA in Finance from the University of Houston and is a CFA® charterholder.

Brandy Roberts
Chief Operating Officer

Brandy Roberts
As Chief Operating Officer, Brandy leads the day-to-day functions of Belvedere, including accounting, information technology needs, and client engagement. Over the last 19 years, Brandy served in active leadership roles for a variety of endowments, organizations, and foundations for public and private schools. Before becoming a full-time mom, Brandy was a web developer and database programmer serving clients in the Healthcare and Health Science industries. Brandy earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Northern Kentucky University.

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    Put our 23 years of leveraged finance experience to work with full investment life-cycle management, tailored service, and ongoing due diligence.

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